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Candidate Testimonials

Today I finished my 1st week at Campden BRI, in a job I love and that I wouldn’t have now without Hannah's excellent help and advice. She is such a reliable person and she understands the strengths of every single jobseeker asking for her help. - November 11, 2011
Gary Kent
I was very impressed by the service offered by Samantha and Darren, Darren simply assed my capability by phone, no "signing on" or " we must see your passport, you must bring it in to us before we can continue.............." issues that I find so frustrating, with Silver Sto...MoreMore
Moy Park
As a candidate, you often get very little attention and response from consultants. Matt is one of the few that makes the time to understand the candidates' needs and aspirations as well as the recruiter's. I highly recommend Matt for his attention to detail, promptitude and professionalism - as well...MoreMore
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