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Tesco announces shake-up of its distribution network

Tesco announces shake-up of its distribution network

Tesco has announced a major restructure of its distribution network in the UK, with the transfer of nearly 2,000 jobs resulting from the closure of sites in Harlow, Weybridge and Chesterfield and the opening of the RDCs on Reading and Dagenham.

It said the new network would cut road miles and the modern technology at the new sites would provide a better service for stores and suppliers.

A Tesco spokesman said: We have been reviewing our distribution network, and have confirmed plans to close some of our current distribution centres and open new ones that will give our customers a better service and improve working conditions for our colleagues. Those that have been affected will be offered jobs at other Tesco sites including the two new distribution centres in Reading and Dagenham.

However, local MPs and union leaders have attacked the plans Tesco have outlined. Joanne McGuiness Usdaw National Officer said: This is absolutely devastating news for our members and their families. Usdaw will be entering into a 90-day consultation with Tesco to explore all possible options to reduce any job losses

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