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Iglo Birds Eye is a leading business in the European frozen food market. It produces, markets and distributes branded frozen food products principally through the retail grocery channel. The UK, Germany and Austria are Iglo Birds Eye’s key markets, together representing 81% of total sales in 2005. The company also operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Portugal. In Continental Europe products carry the “Iglo” brand name, whereas in the UK and Ireland, products are marketed under the “Birds Eye” brand name.

In November 2006, the Permira Funds invested in the management buy-out of Iglo Birds Eye from Unilever.

The strategy developed by the management team will focus on leveraging the strong brands in the company’s core products around fish and vegetables and on improving the operational efficiency of the business.
Yes, there was a Mr Birdseye - Clarence Birdseye. And by lucky chance he discovered that frozen fish tasted just as good as fresh fish after it had been thawed and cooked.
He also learned that food frozen quickly in deep winter tasted better than food frozen more slowly in spring or autumn. This led him to develop his Quick Freeze Machine which he unveiled in 1925.
Since then, quick freezing great food has become core to all we do, creating the best taste possible. We freeze everything when it’s at the peak of perfection, so no need for additives, colourings, preservatives or flavourings. Just great food from the freezer.

Darren and Silver Stone, really work to understand clients needs, and use their creativeness and expertise to provide effective solutions. Darren is a consultant with high integrity and professionalism and confidentiality who really empathises with his clients

Adrian Hodgson, HR Director, Cannon Hygiene