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Client Services

Headhunt Search

Once we understand your requirements, we are able to pro-actively identify and approach the most suitable candidates in the marketplace to discuss your role confidentially. These candidates are not typically active in the job market but they possess the specialist skills required for the role. We develop a target list of suitable companies with you and discreetly contact candidates with the right experience and calibre.

Advertised Selection

We are able to convert your requirements in to an effective advert which will be published in the most appropriate national, regional, trade or internet media. Our recommendations are supported by target market information and testimonials. We can even organise microsites as part of an internet campaign to draw candidates to your company.

For both of these services candidates are invited to meet one of our consultants for an interview and are provided with an Assignment Brief which has been agreed in advance with you. Candidates are assessed against these agreed criteria in order to match their suitability to the role profile and in turn the business culture. Once a shortlist has been drawn up, you will receive a report together with each candidates Curriculum Vitae.


Whether stand alone or part of a retained Headhunt or advertised selection process, contingency recruitment offers an ideal platform to identify active candidates immediately available in the marketplace thus increasing the potential speed of response for both candidates and clients. We are able to offer you the benefit from our extensive state of the art relational database that we can utilise to identify candidates that match your requirements.

Irrespective of the process candidates are fully briefed on your requirement and are carefully managed throughout the interview process.



Silver Stone have worked with Natures Way Foods Ltd for over 10 years. They have taken the time to build a long standing relationship through developing a deep understanding of our business and ethos. What sets them apart from their rivals is their ability to quickly understand our specific needs for each role. They do not waste our time with inappropriate candidates and only provide candidates with the right skills and approach to fulfil the job specifications across a broad range of roles. The Account Manager is always available to help and their food industry knowledge is exceptional, we would not hesitate in recommending them; they do what they say they will do

Sarah-Jayne Richardson HR Manager Operations