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Cannon Hygene

Part of the OCS Group Cannon Hygiene (T/O £45m) provides Washroom and Waste collection services to a wide variety of businesses.
There main services can be detailed as follows:
·         Feminine Hygiene Units – rental and exchange service
·         Air care & Water management – rental and service
·         Mats – rental
·         Vending machines – rental and service
·         Hand Air Dryers – rental and service and outright sale
·         Roller towels – rental and service
·         Soap dispensers & sanitizers – rental and service
·         Absorbent Hygiene Products (offensive) waste – landfill disposal
·         Soft clinical waste collection – alternative treatment or incineration
·         Pharmi-Sharps (contaminated with medicines or anaesthetics) collection and incineration
·         Sharps (contaminated with blood or body fluid) collection and incineration
·         Dental waste collection and alternative treatment disposal
Cannon currently operate from 19 service centres across the UK and Northern Ireland giving 90% service coverage to 90% of the population within 90minutes. Cannon provide the above range of service to around 50,000 customers. Cannon employs nearly 350 drivers and 60 cleaners to deliver an end to end washroom exchange and waste disposal service in addition to 100 support and sales staff
Cannon enjoys a number of unique selling points in the current market and will continue to innovate and improve brand values to market itself.
Part of Cannon’s mission is to be renowned for employing talented individuals. Performance plans are to be further developed and reward policies will be addressed in order to attract and retain the best people.
Cannon has a regional focus. The ‘local’ brand will lead to improvements in customer service, reputation and ultimately sales success. They aim to drive success through 9 regional centres so that  they can target and own key sectors and customers on an area by area basis. This will give ownership to the regions to ensure maximum efficiency.
Unique Products
They own the global rights to the Envirocomp brand to naturally compost and recycle nappies, this is still at the development stage and a pilot plant has been commissioned.
Activap (unique brand) A natural premium hygiene pad that takes away and kills 99.99% of smell and bacteria.

Silver Stone Search & Selection are always available to listen and understand my key requirements and are able to formalise my needs in to an effective working recruitment brief.

Time and time again they have delivered exceptional candidates that continually exceed my expectations and in turn truly add value to the commercial operations I have recruited for.

Tony Miles, Sales & Marketing Director, Aqualution