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1960 was a memorable year in the history of the home delivered pizza.  And one that the good citizens of Ypsilanti, Michigan are unlikely to forget in a hurry.  It was here that the first ever Domino’s Pizza was delivered.
It arrived in double quick time.  And a mighty good pizza it was, too.  In the subsequent 49 years many things have changed, but not our single minded attitude.  The service is still as fast as ever; and Domino’s Pizza are still the best in the business.
These days, Domino’s don’t just have one outlet.  Now there are well over 9 thousand in 60 countries.
It’s easy to see how Domino’s dominates the world of home delivery pizza.  Year after year, we open more outlets and make more deliveries.
Domino’s Pizza has been doing since day one in 1960, when the company was founded by Tom Monaghan.
Domino’s total commitment to pizza is legendary but it takes a lot more than that to build a successful company.  We show just as much concern for our customers and our staff.  We’re also dedicated to the environment, to safety and to research and development.  Indeed, many of Domino’s innovations have been adopted by the industry as standard.  These include dough trays, corrugated pizza boxes, insulated bags for transporting pizzas and the conveyor oven.  It all adds up to quite a success story, with 4000 million pizzas being sold world-wide last year. 
Here in the UK, Domino’s began operations in 1984.  In 1994 the UK Master Licence was acquired by Domino’s Pizza Group Ltd., whose owners Colin and Gerry Halpern are widely experienced in the successful operation of franchised businesses.
With the tried and tested Domino’s success formula, there is no doubt they are on course to make Domino’s the number one pizza delivery chain in the UK.
The home delivery market is worth an estimated 1.5 billion (2008) and has increased by around 25% in five years. The market is growing as consumers appreciate the convenience home delivery offers it is part of a social night in. Home delivery appeals most to a young audience, generally the under-35s, and those from the middle social classes (C1, C2 and D). The most affluent consumers, the AB 35-55-year-olds, remain somewhat elusive to mainstream home delivery in spite of new and upmarket choices.
Domino’s provides a business partnership that offers a full range of support services, including site location, design, training, marketing, business administration, plus a highly efficient food supply and distribution service.  Domino’s is a major brand with an international reputation. 
However good we think we are though, we believe there is always room for improvement.  That’s why you’ll always find us open to new ideas and initiatives that you may have on ways to make something that’s good even better.
Behind every successful business, there’s a successful business strategy.  In the case of Domino’s Pizza, it couldn’t be simpler:  ‘To safely deliver freshly made quality pizza within 30 minutes of taking the order’.
Delivering a fresh made-to-order pizza takes an enormous amount of organisation, dedication and commitment.  Qualities which Domino’s have perfected over a 50 year period to point where we are consistently the envy of our rivals, wherever in the world we operate.  You see, at Domino’s we really are passionate about pizza.
Today, there are 616 stores in the UK and Ireland. Of these, 487 stores are in England, 46 are in Scotland, 22 are in Wales, 15 are in Northern Ireland and 45 are in the Republic of Ireland. 1 mobile unit.
Domino’s Pizza opened its first UK store in Lupton in 1985 and its first in the Republic of Ireland in 1991 in Dublin. Today we are working towards our goal of opening 1,200 stores by 2021.
Domino's Pizza Group Limited ('DPG') is a wholly owned subsidiary of Domino's Pizza UK & IRL plc which is now quoted on the FTSE of the London Stock Exchange.

I measure the success of my relationship with Silver Stone by their ability to meet my needs. They have taken the time to build a rapport and to really understand the business. They listen, deliver against promises, and provide quality advice and the very best customer care. Most importantly they find the right people quickly and effectively. Silver Stone have become true stakeholders in the business and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jane Franks, HR Director