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Samworth Brothers

Quality has been a way of life in our business since it began in 1896. It is there to see in everything we do and is the cornerstone of our culture.
Now employing more than 7,000 people across thirteen businesses, Samworth Brothers remains a privately owned family business that offers real stability, investment and progression for each of its operations. Being privately-owned has allowed us to grow consistently over the years, offering new opportunities for our customers, staff, suppliers and local communities.
The passion and pride for our products can be seen across the Group, from our craftsmen hand-rising pies at Dickinson & Morris, Melton Mowbray’s oldest remaining pork pie bakery and shop, through to the herb garden developed by our chefs at Kettleby Foods. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients and are leading the way in the sourcing of local raw materials with our businesses in the southwest of England.
Samworth Brothers also operates a strict environmental policy that focuses particularly on pollution control, waste reduction, energy conservation, staff training, distribution and extensive recycling. Each of our bakeries endeavours to balance the function of its buildings with the aesthetics of its landscaping, and most have at least 25 per cent of acreage devoted to trees, shrubs and flowers. Our objective is always to meet and wherever possible exceed, all legislation, standards and codes of practice relating to our operations.
We believe that our greatest strength is our people. Samworth Brothers works hard to maintain a close working relationship with all staff, and this is a hallmark of our business. Our flat organizational structure encourages everybody to fully develop their potential and contribute to the future of their business without the interference of the centralized, divisional structures found so often in large companies.
It is these ingredients that ensure Samworth Brother’s principles of people, quality and profit remain at the heart of all our businesses and that we never lose sight of our values.

Matthew clearly strives for high results and this is evident in the time he spends in getting to know an organisation so that he can put forward the right candidates based on experience as well as culture fit.

Throughout the recruitment process, I found Matthew's style to be both professional and personable. Matthew was efficient with his updates and communication and he has been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Matthew to others either seeking suitable candidates or looking for a role themselves
Victoria Hopkins, Commercial Manager